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charuto cubano

charuto cubano

Every cigar is a unique piece put together manually. Every cigar has its own history as there are no two alike. In the same box most cigars are standardized but you will probably find some exceptional ones and, occasionally, a below average cigar.

The wrapper must be uniform in terms of color and texture. Occasional differences are normal especially in Central Bahia cigars since they are a product of nature. Silky and soft textures are indications of quality.

To determine consistency and to verify the quality of the manufacture, exert light pressure with the tip of your fingers along the edge of the cigar to establish if there are obstructions or internal nodules present. Ideally, when pressed the cigar should give way slightly.

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Basic rules of cigar smoking

1. Cut the tip with the appropriate cutter.
Before lighting the cigar, heat its tip with the flame. Next, bring it to your mouth maintaining the flame about one centimeter away. Circle the cigar so it burns in a uniform way. At the end, blow the last puff of smoke at the tip of the cigar to confirm that it is burning evenly.

2. Use a match, a gas lighter or a wood splint to light a cigar. Do not use a lighter with a petroleum based fluid. The cigar will absorb its characteristic smell.
Smoke the cigar slowly. By doing that, it will be more pleasurable and you will prevent the cigar from getting too bitter.


3. Enjoy the sensation given by the smoke in your mouth when it gets in contact with the saliva and stimulates the taste buds.

At this moment, you will identify the characteristics of the cigar you are smoking, such as pungent, sweet or herbal taste. Your other senses will also help you at this moment of rare pleasure.

4. Never smoke more than 2/3 of a cigar. The overheating of the cigar at its last third may injure your mouth.
It is not necessary to put out the cigar in the ashtray. Just let it rest and it will go out in a few minutes.

5. If your cigar goes out while you are smoking it, remove it from your mouth and light it with a flame to its tip about a centimeter away. 

6.  Drinks that enrich the pleasure of smoking a cigar are:

  • Liquors

  • Cognac

  • Whiskies

  • Ports

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