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Created and managed by the entrepreneur Ricardo Matta, a student and connoisseur of cigars for over 45 years, Mattafina Tobacco is a pioneering initiative in Brazil.

Matta handles client contacts and relationships personally and divulges the history and culture of tobacco. This is similar to the way traditional tobacco shops are run in Europe and the US where the owner is the cultural centerpiece of the Business. Mr. Matta has been traveling periodically to visit the best tobacco producers in Cuba and Central Bahia since the late 1970.

Mata Fina is a region in Central Bahia state where ideal conditions of climate, humidity and “terroir” are found for the cultivation of the “second best tobacco in the world” for cigars and cigarillos the internationally renowned Brazil, Bahia (Mata Fina).


Mattafina Tobacco maintains in this region its exclusive production of cigars and cigarillos since 2003 with nationwide distribution.

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