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Discover our line of cigar acessories, pipes and leather line


These are table or movable boxes with an interior veneer of Spanish cedar wood. The box has one or more humidifiers (to disperse humidity) and a hygrometer (instrument to measure the relative humidity of the air) to maintain cigars in ideal conditions until they are smoked.

These are instruments that cut or perforate the head of the cigar leaving it ready for pre-heating or lighting. 

Cigar Cases 
These are holders made to transport one, two or more cigars. They are made of leather, carbon fiber, wood, silver and other materials.

They must be appropriate even for large cigars. The basic rule is that between the foot of the cigar and the bottom of the ashtray there must be at least an inch space so the cigar remains lit.

The best are torch types that have a potent flame and are butane gas based.

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acessórios charutos
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